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                          Qi Gong Energy Work

Learn How You Can Achieve Mental Clarity,
Balanced Emotions, Body Vitality And 
Transformative Change From The Inside Out.

Whether you’re looking to relax, sleep better, exercise,  
prevent stiffness, switch off whirring thoughts or
release emotional stress picked up from anyone else,
this is the place for you.


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 Join Award Winning Qi-Gong Energy Work Teacher,  Dame Caroline Allen, For 6 Weeks

Of Transformational Practical Training

Live On Zoom

Caroline will be hosting the sessions on a Private Zoom Group of

like-minded people, so you can follow along, practising together with

step by step guidance from Caroline. You will have access to the training

sessions even after the live sessions are complete.

Our 6-Week Programme:

Week 1:


Introduction to Qi Gong 

Here we will introduce the key principles of Qi Gong and Acupressure during a practice session.


  • Harnessing Energy For Health And Vitality

  • Increasing And Activating Your Energy

  • The 5 Elements of Qi Gong Practice

  • Highly Effective Strategy For Calming The Mind

  • How To Consciously Experience Qi


7th March


7pm-9pm UK Time

(Recorded Watch Anytime)

Week 2:


What Do You Want To Let Go Of?

We often pick up negative energy, from  other people, the news, the environment. When we tense, energy can get ‘stuck’ and affect the body, mind and emotions. 

  • Self Audit To Locate Areas For Release

  • Exercise And Breathwork For Cleanse And Clear 

  • ‘Water Waves’ To Clear The Mind And Feel Grounded

  • The Mind Guiding The Qi


14th March


7pm-9pm UK Time

(Recorded Watch Anytime)

Week 3:

The Fundamentals Of Deeper Relaxation

Stress is inevitable. We’re hard-wired to be on the alert for perceived danger, which puts us into ‘fight and flight’. But, holding the body-mind system in chronic stress can create ill health and unhappiness. Here we’re going to dive deeper into resetting the nervous system and training the mind-body system to improve inner balance.

  • The Lung Energy For Inspiration

  • The Kidney Energy For Peace

  • The Liver Energy For Stress Release

  • The Heart Energy For Emotional Balance 

  • The Earth Energy For Grounding 

  •  The Triple Warmer Energy For Harmony 


21st March


7pm-9pm UK Time

(Recorded Watch Anytime)

Week 4:

Developing Resiliency And Flow

When we feel grounded with strong roots, like a tree, we can relax and flow with life’s challenges, like the branches of a tree moving with the wind.

  • Moving energy to your centre, for grounding 

  • Moving from your centre, for stability

  • Mobilising the spine, nurturing flexibility

  • Tuning into the flow internally and externally


28th March


7pm-9pm UK Time

(Recorded Watch Anytime)

Week 5:


4th April


7pm-9pm UK Time

(Recorded Watch Anytime)

Setting Intentions & Manifesting With Energy

In order to create a shift we must be ready to go somewhere we’ve not been before. This week is all about rising above, expanding the mind, enjoying a new perspective and a new sense of purpose.

  • Connection With Universal Energy 

  • The Quantum Field Of Infinite Possibilities

  • Gathering And Directing Qi

  • Making Way For New Energy

  • Embodying Intention

Week 6:


11th April


7pm-9pm UK Time

(Recorded Watch Anytime)

Guiding And Directing Healing Energy

Join Caroline for a practice session to put what you’ve learned into practice.


Caroline will explain step by step how to guide and direct healing energy through the body-mind system, finishing the practice with a short, calming meditation to integrate the new energy that you’ve cultivated.


This truly is a unique opportunity.

What People Say About

My Classes

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You Will Be Training With Dame Caroline Allen. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 awarded Caroline with the OBE in 2006 and the DBE in 2019, for her services to Education.

Over the last, 35 years or so, I have been practising Qi-Gong, Tai Chi and Acupressure. I have been fortunate to train under experienced and knowledgeable teachers in Hong Kong, USA and UK, including Michael Reed Gach, Lee Holden and Yaqing Li. My energy practice was absolutely critical in helping me to manage the challenges and stresses when I was CEO of a fast-growing organisation. It helped me juggle multiple challenges, without losing myself amidst the conflicting demands on me. My aim now is to share this wonderful practice, so that you too can enjoy it and feel good.

This course is suitable for total beginners to experienced practitioners. It is a practice-based course, with the underpinning knowledge explained throughout the practice. There are no long lectures or PowerPoint presentations! This is Not a programme where ‘one size fits all’. You will learn how to listen to your own body and how to work from the inside out.

Qi Gong is very powerful, authentic, different. I think that you will love it, as much as I do.

“I Will Be Sharing My Very Best Techniques. The Powerful Methods I Have Collected From Teachers In Hong Kong, UK And USA, Accessing Ancient And Modern Body-Mind Wisdom”

Whether you are interested in getting some regular ‘me’ time, relaxation and exercise or whether you want to access higher frequency energy and changes to your thinking and emotions, here is where you can learn the skills you need to be successful.

With the skills you will learn and the right amount of practice you will feel a change in you very quickly indeed.

That’s how I experienced it when I started more than 30 years ago.

Now I am in the position to be able to teach you exactly the same remarkable techniques that have got me and my students some very remarkable results.

It will be you, me and a group of like-minded others – practising together in live training sessions on Zoom for 6 weeks. A recording will be released to you after the training session.

The masterclass will not be available anywhere else so please sign up now to secure your place.


What’s Included

                                                  Live Training

Join Caroline for a Zoom Practice Session for 6 weeks of Qi Gong where you can join in the training. Sessions include combined explanation and practice and a Q&A opportunity and you can ask questions by email too. 


                                     Community of Practitioners

You’ll become part of a community of likeminded people. You’re welcome to log into Zoom early to have a chat beforehand.


                                                  Video Training

You’ll have access to the Live Training Sessions after they are complete so you can review, replay and revisit.


                                                           Practical Sessions

This is a hands-on, fully demonstrated and explained format where you learn by seeing and doing.


                                                             Help and Support

We always want our members to be happy with our training and community. You’ll have access to quick and friendly support from Caroline for the six weeks.

We always want our members to be happy with our training and community. You’ll have access to quick and friendly support from Caroline for the six weeks.

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Join The Transformational Masterclass Today

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