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Exercise and Relaxation In The Open Air

Looking for a break from your hectic routine? Join us for Qigong in the picturesque Castle Grounds of Reigate.


Surrounded by nature, let go of your worries and experience tranquility.

Join us on
SATURDAY 22 June 2024 11.15am

Advance Dates
Check back here, in case dates change

Friday 28 June 
Friday 12 July
Friday 26 July

We limit the number of places, so that we get to know you and the class maintains our warm and welcome feel.

Book your place now before slots run out! 

Dame Caroline Allen, Specialist Qigong Teacher

Embark on a rejuvenating journey in our classes, where we start by warming the body through stretches accompanied by healthy breathing techniques, fostering flexibility and boosting energy. Next, experience meditative flows designed to circulate healing energy throughout your being.


We meet here under the tree by the pond in Reigate Castle Grounds

RH2 0AP 


Non-Subscribers £7;

Subscribers £5




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