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Book Your Qigong Classes or 1-1 Coaching Here

Click the pink Booking & Payment button to sign up. You can cancel anytime. Thank you.

  • 4 Week QiGong Course

    Join "QiGong Health & Harmony" classes for 4 weeks
    Valid for one month
    • QiGong is a great way to calm over-thinking & relax
    • The classes are friendly and easy to follow
    • If an exercise doesn't suit you, you modify it, or skip it
    • You learn ways to relax and feel better in yourself
    • 8 classes over 4 weeks, join live or practice from the video
  • Best Value

    MEMBERSHIP Qigong Health & Harmony Class

    Every month
    SPECIAL VALUE - the unparalleled benefits of consistent practice with an experienced teacher
    • For just £ 29 a month you receive . . . . . .
    • Your First Class FREE With Coupon Code freeclass
    • 8-10 classes every month, attend some or all, it's up to you
    • Access to LIVE classes from the comfort of your home
    • Classes are recorded so you can PRACTICE WITH EASE any time
    • Enjoy REGULAR practice together, it makes all the difference
    • Suitable for all fitness levels. Modifications to suit you.
    • Special value flexible monthly membership, pause anytime
    • Access to Qualified & Experienced Qigong Specialist
    • Ask or email Caroline to benefit from PERSONALISED GUIDANCE
    • MEMBERS-ONLY discounts and priority for our other courses
  • QiGong Health & Harmony Class PAYG

    pay at least 2 hrs in advance each class to receive the link
    • + classes recorded, practice anytime!
    • Pay as you go to join a class or series of classes
  • Outdoor Qigong Class (Non-Members)

    Non Members rate
    • Under the tree in Reigate Castle Grounds
    • This is an In-Person class
  • Outdoor Qigong Class (Members)

    Discounted Rate For Members
    • Under the tree in Reigate Castle Grounds
  • 1-1 Coaching

    I hr on zoom
    • Acupressure & Qigong coaching re your specific issues +video
    • For group rates, please contact Caroline
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